12 x 600g Handmade Soap Loaves - Any fragrance


12 x 600g SOAP LOAVES

You can choose any fragrance at all from our Soap Loaves collection.


Please let us know which fragrances you would like in our comments box.


6 x 100g slices from each loaf.  These blocks measure 12cm wide so if you make a score at every 2cm & you should get 6 slices.

Only £5.83 per loaf - 97p per slice (if cut into 6 pieces)

SRP: £2.50 - £3.00 per slice, so great profit to be made here


*Ingredients for each soap selected must be copied from our website and attached to the soap slice, or shown at point of sale. Other info required will be sent with the item, this must be copied & added to your ingredients label too*

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